Studio Policy


  • Email

    Email is our preferred way of communication with customers. Unintrusive easily processed email messages can be used to discuss student’s progress, reschedule/cancel a lesson, payment issues and anything else. This is why all our customers are required to submit an email address.  Our email address is
  • Payments

    Payments for lessons must be received in advance. A minimum 4 weekly lessons must be prepaid for in order to receive a time slot. Students that want to keep the same time slot must submit payments before or on the day of the last paid lesson.

    Rate per lesson is 6%  higher for students who pay for less than 4 hours of lesson time.

    The payments can be made by cashcheque.   debit card. Payments can be made online with Interac Email Money Transfer.  Postdated cheques can be used to prepay for several terms. There is $20 fee for NSF cheques.

  • Cancellations

    Enrolling for lessons is a purchase of teacher and studio time, prepared in advance to be free from interruptions and distractions. Since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time lost for the studio. This is why

    the payment for a cancelled lesson cannot be refunded or carried over to the next payment, makeup lessons are offered.      (please see Makeup Lessons section)

    Cancellation notice should be given by 7pm on the day before your lesson. Non-emergency cancellations should be rare.


    Email to   with the subject CANCELLATION, students full name, lesson day and time and the teacher’s name. Confirmation email will be sent to your address.  Alternatively you can call 604 770 2999 and leave a message. We do not return cancellation phone calls. Please use email if you need a confirmation.

    In the case of sickness: please email or call as soon as possible. If the cancellation notice was received after a deadline, makeup lesson is not guaranteed and will be decided on case-by-case basis.

    No makeup lesson will be given for short notice cancellations if the teacher bills Lynn Valley Music for cancelled lesson.

    No makeup lesson will be given if we don’t receive a cancellation notice.

    A qualified substitute will be provided whenever possible in the event of your regular teacher’s absence.

  • Make up Lessons

    Every effort will be made to makeup missed lessons to a maximum of one lesson per term at the discretion of the teacher as long as sufficient notice is given. To schedule a make up lesson please talk to your teacher or contact the office. You might be offered a lesson with a different teacher if your teacher is not available for makeup lesson.

    The make up lesson must be taken within 2 months of a cancelled lesson date.

    If a makeup lesson is scheduled and then cancelled by a student, the lesson is forfeited.

    In case a student exhausts all the options and still cannot schedule a makeup lesson because of the time restrictions, the student will receive a credit of 50 % of the amount he paid for a missed lesson.

  • Holidays

  • Lynn Valley Music is open on most statutory holidays.  If you were billed for a lesson on a holiday but later decided  not to come for that lesson please follow the cancellation procedure (see CANCELLATIONS). You will be notified if the teacher is not available on holiday.  In either case the payment for that lesson will be carried over to next term. Spring break and last  2 weeks of December can be accepted as holidays.

  • Semiprivate Lessons

    We don’t match students for semiprivate lessons. Make up lessons are given only when both students miss the lesson.  If one student misses the lesson for whatever reason, no makeup lesson will be offered, no refund or credit will be issued.
  • Referral Bonus

    Recommend us to your friend and get an extra 30 min lesson for free after the student you recommended takes 10 lessons. To get a referral bonus please instruct the person you referred to mention your name in the section “How did you hear about us “of the Registration Form.
  • Termination Refund

  • You will be considered a student on our schedule until we are notified of a change.Two-week written notice is required to discontinue the lessons. Please fill out Termination form or send an email to  with your name, and reason for termination.