Our Teachers

The instructors of Lynn Valley Music are graduates of prestigious programs throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. They are professional musicians with a love of teaching. Most of our instructors are active performing musicians, as we believe these men and women are better able to communicate real excitement and love for this art. Their experience is an important aspect of the passion they try to instill in your child's lesson.

Dmitri Gritsaenko

piano, theory

A teacher, as well as the manager at Lynn Valley Music, Dmitri has run the school for over 12 years, continuing the outstanding service, and further establishing a personal relationship with each and every one of his clients. Dmitri brings a vast amount of performance experience into his lessons, having played in many countries and organizations. In his lessons, he enjoys the challenge of finding a way to have the student understand something that is difficult for them, and aims for a personal connection with each individual.
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Setareh Saremi


Setareh has been fascinated with music since Kindergarten, when she was enrolled in the Orff program and later a marching band in grade 1. After years of piano lessons, she went on to obtain a Music degree from UBC, and began teaching. Setareh found that music was an incredible way to express oneself, and decided she wanted to pass on this ability to her students. Over the years, she has learned to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each student in learning music and playing the piano. Read More.

Roxana Whetham

violin, viola, piano

Born in Lima, Peru, Roxana’s passion for music began when she was enrolled in the National Conservatory of Music at age 4. After obtaining a highly valued education, including a Masters from New York State University, and years of experience, she enjoys watching the knowledge she has gained flow from her to her students. Roxana finds teaching extremely gratifying as she is able to witness her students accomplish their goals and their love for music.
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Alexei Solomakha

drums, guitar

Alexei has been a part of the Lynn Valley Music team for over five years. He encourages his students to find the same adoration for music as he acquired when he was only 14 years old. “I always feel inspired when I see kids who are keen to learn new things, and come up with their own ideas on the instrument.” As a performer, Alexei has worked with various jazz combos and concert bands. Several times, he has represented Canada during international military festivals with the 15th Field Artillery Band. Read More.

Roger Salloum

guitar, bass, piano

“Music is a joy. I like to spread joy.”
Having played music for over 40 years with a Diploma in Contemporary Guitar, Roger brings experience and passion into his lessons. Like many of his students, he loves pop/rock music, and leads guitar, piano and bass lessons in pop, folk, rock and jazz styles. Roger is very comfortable teaching students of all ages, understanding that each student has their own talent that will only blossom through patience.

Chin Yang

piano, theory

After obtaining several prestigious diplomas and certificates from universities around the world, Chin has learned to tailor her music lessons to each student's ability, while motivating them with compassion and directed inspiration. Proudly having played music for over 30 years, she is a member of the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association. She is also fluent in English, Mandarin, and Hokkien, providing students the option of learning in their first language.
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Collin Rosati

flute, saxophone, clarinet, theory

Collin was born in Toronto, Ontario, and went on to graduate from the Etobicoke School of Arts, York University, and the Humber College School of Music. He has been playing music for over 30 years now, and has taught for over 20. At Lynn Valley Music, Collin teaches the saxophone, flute and clarinet, showing his students the enjoyment in not only their favourite songs, but also simple musical exercises. He has also received several prestigious awards.
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Francisco Ibarra

guitar, bass, ukulele

With a degree in jazz studies from Capilano University and a music diploma from VCC, Francisco has played music for over 30 years, and taught for over 12. At Lynn Valley Music, he teaches the guitar, ukulele, and bass, but also enjoys playing the piano, trombone, saxophone, flute and drums. Francisco teaches his students that music is a beautiful and powerful, and in turn they have taught him that not only is it a serious art, but can be a lot of fun too. Read More.