Winer Recital 2019


Summer Recital 2019


Join us this Saturday, December 21 for our annual Winter  Recital! All guests are welcome to attend free of charge to watch the young musical talent of the North Shore! The recital will be held at Mount Seymour United Church, 1200 Parkgate Ave, starting at 3pm

List of Performers

Please email to if you signed up to perform and dont see your name on the list

1st set – 3pm


Jane Hardy (p) Dmitri Santiago Karalic (p) Dmitri

Leo Taplin (p) Chin

Nicholas Karalic (p) Dmitri Anja Weber- Harding (p) Rx

Sam Ashouian (p) Roxana

Amy Ashoian (p) Roxana

Dena Ghadar (v) Roxana

Linda Scott (uke) Francisco

Mira Erozlu (p) Andrew

Erica Balois (p) Chin

Nora Agoumi (p) Chin

 Elizabeth Wilhelmson (v) R

Jasper Woods (p) Chin

Sophie St Laurent (p) Rox

Yolanda Buzek (v) Rox

Brendan Arduini (p) Dmitri

Arel Tamari (v) Roxana

Michelle Wang (p) Chin

Danielle Wong (v) Roxana

Daria Tamari (p) Dmitri

Artin Sofali (p) Chin

Christine Terblanche (v) Rox

Isaaac Parent (v) Roxa

Susan Davis (g) Francisco

2nd set – 5:00 p


Angelique Stojic (v) Roxana

Valentina Baretta (v) Roxana

Lucie Baretta (p) Roxana

Andrea Ringor (p) Chin

Paul Quesne (g) Francisco

Mia Qusene (o) Dmitri

Ron Gabriel Refugio (p) Chin