Lynn Valley Music Recitals

Students at our school have the option to participate in bi-annual music recitals – an opportunity that allows them to perform in front of guests and fellow students. Both the Summer and Winter recitals are cost-free for guests, only 5$ for participants and are conveniently located at a local church.

Family and friends get to witness proud students of all ages and levels demonstrating their progress, often after years of attendance at out school. This is also an excellent chance for young students to practice performing in front of a larger audience, and work on alleviating stage fright.

Some years at our music recitals, we have the pleasure of welcoming Kira Oujonkova, a professional photographer, to our recitals. See her accounts of the 2011 Summer and 2011 Winter Recitals.

Videos from our recitals can be found on the Students page.

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